Maegan Hall Federal Lawsuit Against LaVergne Police Department

After her police department sex scandal went viral, Maegan Hall found herself pursued by strangers from the internet. Now, she has filed a lawsuit against her former coworkers. Her federal complaint alleged that her predatory superiors groomed her for sexual exploitation.

Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officers Juan Lugo-Perez and Ty McGowan, and Detective Seneca Shields were all fired. Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay kept their jobs but were suspended.

She was a police officer

Maegan Hall grew up in rural Tennessee and dreamed of becoming an actress, but found her niche in law enforcement.

The petite blonde with a baby face became an officer in 2021 and worked for the La Vergne Police Department until. She was fired in January after word of her steamy sexcapades with five other cops got out. She says she was “groomed for sexual exploitation” by her superiors and that they made her feel like. The only way to keep her job was to perform sexual favors.

Hall’s supervisors

The police chief and two of Hall’s supervisors have now responded to the lawsuit, denying most of her claims. The defendants, including former police sergeant Lewis Powell. Say they never had a sexual relationship with her and that she lied during multiple interviews.

She told investigators that she performed sex acts on duty and on police property. Even had a threesome with one of the officers and his wife. She also sent nude photos to multiple officers.

Hall’s husband Jedidiah stayed by her side through the ordeal. he still lives with him in the small town of Manchester. The couple bought a new home last year and are expecting their first child soon. Despite the drama, the pair are reportedly happy and looking forward to their future together.

She was married

Maegan Hall grew up in rural Tennessee and dreamt of becoming an actress. However, after she received her education and graduated, she decided to become a police officer. She served in a senior position in the La Vergne Police Department and worked amazingly for the people of the city. She also used to attend a lot of parties and was popular among the other officers. However, her s*x scandal with fellow cops led to her firing from the police department.

According to the investigation, Hall had sex with 6 other officers. She was involved with 2 of them while on duty, and the rest off duty. The officers involved were named Officer Juan Lugo, Sergeant Ty McGowan, Sgt Lewis Powell, and Detective Seneca Shields. She also shared intimate sexual photos with them.

Would Play Strip

In addition, she reportedly had a foot fetish and would play strip Uno with her coworkers. Hall was a police officer for 12 years, and she earned good money from her job. She even bought a nice house for herself and her husband.

Hall’s husband, Jedidiah, is a wholesome state park ranger. He supported her and stood by her in this difficult time. However, her coworkers claimed that she was lying about her open marriage and that her husband did not seem to be on board with it.

She was fired

After a scandal involving sexual misconduct rocked the LaVergne police department, Hall was fired along with five officers and the chief. She has filed a federal lawsuit, and now she is speaking out about her experience. She says she entered law enforcement to find role models but found a department full of predators.

In the 51-page complaint, Hall alleges that she felt trapped and exploited by the all-male department’s ranks. She says her superiors groomed her for sexual exploitation and that she became more and more desperate as she submitted to their advances. Her behavior ultimately caused her to self-harm, and she was hospitalized in December.

The Suit Accuses

The suit accuses the city of LaVergne and two sergeants of conspiring to manipulate her for their own sexual desires. It also claims that the chief knew of the sexual misconduct but did nothing to report it or discipline the officers involved. It also accuses one of the supervisors, Lewis Powell, of retaliating against Hall for filing the lawsuit. Powell, who was not named in the complaint, responded by filing a countersuit.

In her lawsuit, Hall alleged that she and Powell had a consensual relationship before he was fired for engaging in sexual activity with another officer on duty. She also alleged that she had sexual relationships with Patrol Officers Larry Holladay and Patrick Magliocco, K-9 Officer Gavin Schoeberl, and Detective Seneca Shields.

She filed a lawsuit

The married police officer who was caught in a sexual misconduct scandal at the La Vergne, Tennessee, department has filed a lawsuit claiming she was targeted by her supervisors and boss for sexual exploitation.

The complaint names former chief Burrel “Chip” Davis and sergeants Lewis Powell and Henry “Ty” McGowan as defendants, claiming they groomed Hall to engage in sexually exploitative activities with other men in the department. Hall, who has since been fired from her job, claims her supervisors took advantage of her as a vulnerable young woman who joined the force seeking role models and professional development.

The Lawsuit Alleges

The lawsuit alleges that officers in the department regularly engaged in sexually exploitative activities like nonconsensual sharing of nude photos and degrading sexual behavior with women. It also alleges that male officers frequently discussed their sexual preferences, fetishes, and desires to engage in sexual activity with Hall. Hall says she was forced to give in to their advances and eventually became trapped, leading to a downward spiral of self-harm and depression.

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Hall, who is married to a pastor’s son, recently broke her silence and spoke to WTVF about the toxic workplace that led to her firing. She said that her experience has tarnished her reputation and damaged her career prospects. She is now hoping to use the lawsuit to recover lost wages and damages.