Harvard Business School Online USA

Harvard Business School offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn critical business concepts online, enabling committed learners to transform their careers, their organizations and their lives.


Harvard Business School Online was launched as HBX in 2014 to deepen the school’s impact and broaden its reach, all while staying true to HBS’s mission: to make a difference in the world. To educate leaders.

Since then, HBS Online has educated over 100,000 learners from over 175 countries through our innovative online platform.


Our online certificate and credential programs are offered via our innovative online platform and are designed to bring the Harvard Business School classroom to you—putting you at the center of the learning experience.

Our courses are nothing like a typical sit-back-and-listen lecture. You’ll engage in a new activity every three to five minutes—think polls, problem-solving exercises, short essays, and the famed HBS “Cold Call,” where you’re asked at random to succinctly state your position on an issue in a matter of minutes. Each element is designed to keep you interested, involved, and on the edge of your seat.

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